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The setup for the modern musician

Quality materials and build: Every LONGA is meticulously assembled and hand-finished, offering a personalized touch to ensure superior quality and durability. A bespoke creation, directly from my hands to yours.

Versatile extension: Extend other music stands or prop music up on flat surfaces such as tables and counter tops.

Capacity: Accommodates up to three books or six sheets of music.

Portable design: Sturdy construction, light weight, and compact. 

Tech-friendly: Compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

Secure hold: Features spring-loaded clips to hold your pages in place.

Convenient storage: Built-in pods for easy access to your writing accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jane H.
Better than expected!!

Wow! Super fast shipping and excellent packaging. Great communication with the company and so many professional details put into this product! There was definitely a lot of thought put into all the details that will make my flute practice so much more efficient and fun! It's just what I've been looking for! The Longa is far better than expected! Well worth the money!

Phillip J.
Swiss Army Music Stand

I received my LONGA music stand today. Excellent customer service when purchasing, shipping was fast, came in a secure package with no damage.
The product is super easy to understand with the given instructions, well made, nice looking, and has as many features and extras as a Swiss Army Knife.